Highly Anticipated Expendables 4: What’s Different?

Highly Anticipated Expendables 4: What’s Different?

Highly Anticipated Expendables 4: What’s Different? – If you are an action movie fan, then you cannot miss “The Expendables” on your list. This movie rotates around a group of mercenaries, receiving order and trying to finish the job. This movie doesn’t only impress audience by its story line, but also the memorable characters. After its last movie in 2014, expendables crews will be back in 2020. What is the surprise this time?

The Awaited Approval
As soon as Expendables 3 ended, rumor spread that Stallone won’t take part for the upcoming sequel if there will be one. It feels like we can never find online slot games again in which is nonsense. This news travelled fast and people immediately think that Expendables won’t be on the cinema again. Moreover, there is no news about Expendables 4 for the last four years.

Imagine how surprised the fans when seeing Stallone post on his social media, hinting that he will take part in the movie. 2019 is a busy year for him, considering his latest Rambo 5 shooting that currently running. Nevertheless, people put high expectation and start looking for other casts’ information as well.

Jason Statham who played “Lee Christmas” and Dolph Lundgren as Gunner Jensen would be most likely to join the team. There was a talk about Arnold joining the party, but Stallone still had some things in mind. Also, he still has to discuss further about the scripts, creative effects and other details with the house production.

Highly Anticipated Expendables 4 What’s Differen

New Point Of View
One thing that makes people fall for expendables is the story line. It is complicated with nice climax and sometimes unexpected results. For the upcoming comeback, people is expecting a lot. News cannot get a closer look at the plot, as it has not been decided yet, despite of its early teaser in 2019.

On the latest news in January, fans finally got a hint of the story. They won’t get a full time point of view. From the beginning, there is no exclusive director appointed. Stallone took the control and make Statham the star for the Expendables 4. In the other words, fans will see the spin off version.

Stallone mentioned to the media that his presence will be shown in the movie. Even though he is not the main character, people could expect something touching and memorable in the script.
It is quite hard to imagine Expendables without Berney Ross, the captain role played by Sylvester Stallone. No wonder everybody was so excited to have him in the film again. Instead of telling the story of the team, be prepared to know Christmas better!