Movie Recommendation: The Expendables

Movie Recommendation: The Expendables – Looking for a movie franchise to look forward to? Then try The Expendables. Since its release in 2010, The Expendables never fail to become a box office hit with their classic mob story plot, humor, and action scenes they have to offer. • About The ExpendablesThe 80s to 90s had so many blockbuster action movies […]

Highly Anticipated Expendables 4: What’s Different?

Highly Anticipated Expendables 4: What’s Different? – If you are an action movie fan, then you cannot miss “The Expendables” on your list. This movie rotates around a group of mercenaries, receiving order and trying to finish the job. This movie doesn’t only impress audience by its story line, but also the memorable characters. After its last movie in 2014, […]

Things You Better Know about The Expendables

Things You Better Know about The Expendables – The Expendables, which was directed by Sylvester Stallone and released on august 13th, 2010, can be defined as one of the most awesome movies that have stolen the attention of the people from all over the world. It is all because this wonderful movie is starred by so many famous actors in […]

Facts about the Expendables That You Should Know

The Expendables series is a series of great action movies that make many people waiting for its new film series. This action movie is always interesting to watch because you can see many popular action movie stars here. Not only the veteran but you can see the new ones as well. There are many interesting Facts about The Expendables that […]