The Illegal Copy-Film and Updated News on Leaking Action in The Expandables 3

Have you ever watched The Expandables 3? Casted by Sylvester Stallone, this film has its controversy among the lovely viewer. Unfortunately, this film had a leaking action which decrease the amount of money and gets out of the box office. Below, the brief information on leaking action and updated news on it

  • Leaked 3 Weeks before the Official Release
    If you do not know the bad information about the bad things on The Expandables 3, for your information, Sylvester Stallone starrer ‘The Expendables 3 has been leaked online and it gives the bad effects on it. Surprisingly, the film was leaked online three weeks before the official release and it was downloaded more than 2,2 million download leaked copy.

There are six download links on Torrents and at least ten blog links on direct illegal download of the film which was available to download on 23 July 214. From the privacy pirates action, Fox estimated at least tens millions dollars in lost revenue

  • Someone Arrested in UK
    Once the digital copy was available for download, the blame was placed to the individual who misused the copy of the film. Public was directly suspected the integrity of people of Lionsgate, the distributing responsible company, and ask looking for the new company for the next series.
The Illegal Copy-Film and Updated News on Leaking Action in The Expandables 3

Fortunately, thanks to U.S Homeland Security Investigation and Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit at the City of London Police that for the cooperation in finding the one who responsible behind the leaking action

It merely few information provided by about the 33 years old suspect. The only information is that the suspect was arrested in Leeds and they were taken to the local police station.

The arrested suspect could give a new perspective about pirating and leaking film. Public needs to be educated that piracy is not simply victimless crime. It can risk and jeopardy thousands of jobs in the UKÆs creative industry and film industry.