The Controversies Behind Expendable Film Series

Expendables is an action film series which was starring and written by the legendary action film actor, Sylvester Stallone. Expendables which has already three films have made USD$$ 804,103,926 in total. Besides the success, there are some controversies that you need to know behind this film franchise.

Sylvester Stallone Left Expendables 4 and Decided to Return Back
In the early of 2017, Stallone exited this franchise due to disagreements with film producer Avi Lerner. Despite Stallone that will not be returning in the film, the discussion on the sequel of Expendables still continue. In early 2018, fans of Expendables are excited that Stallone shared in his Instagram that he will be back on Expendables 4. Even though there is no official date of this fourth film, there is speculation that this film will be released in 2019.

Bruce Willis was fired in Expendables 3
Bruce Willis played in Expendables (2010) and Expendables 2 as Mr Church. Stallone tweeted in August 2013 that Bruce Willis is out from the third film and replaced by Harrison Ford. Even though Stallone didn’t mention Willis in his next tweet, but people believe that Stallone meant to say that Willis is greedy and lazy. Apparently, Willis asked for $4 million for four days shooting while the franchise already offered him $3 million.

The Plan of Spin-Off, The ExpendaBelles
In 2012, Millennium Films mentioned that there is a plan to make a spin-off of Expendables with all female characters calle The ExpendaBelles. There is a rumour that producer Avi Lerner approached Cameron Diaz, Meryl Streep and Milla Jovovich to be part of this film. Unfortunately, until now there is no update news if there will be any realization of this plan.

Despite all controversies, fans this are looking forward to the next sequel of Expendables which will be the final of this film series. Expendables 4 is planning to have R-rated which means that fans expect lots of violent scenes as first and second Expendables films.