Things You Better Know about The Expendables

Things You Better Know about The Expendables

Things You Better Know about The Expendables – The Expendables, which was directed by Sylvester Stallone and released on august 13th, 2010, can be defined as one of the most awesome movies that have stolen the attention of the people from all over the world. It is all because this wonderful movie is starred by so many famous actors in the industry, such as Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Mickey Rourke, and so many more. Then, they can show you the extreme and challenging action scenes which make the movie so much more remarkable and fascinating at the same time. Furthermore, this particular movie has several cool things that you have to know for sure. So, you better keep reading below.

Sylvester Stallone Got Serious Injuries

Well, Sylvester Stallone, who is known so well as one of the veterans of action movie, got so many injuries while filming “The Expendables” as he did his action scenes with no stuntman. He challenged himself to do the dangerous scenes and took the risk of being injured all over his body including a neck fracture after an accident by Steve Austin. This specific injury made the 63 years old actor perform a medical operation. In the simple words, he had to receive a metal pin plate inserted into his neck after finishing filming the movie in order to gain a better condition. Not only that, Stallone also got broken teeth, ruptured ankle, and some bruises and cuts during the shooting process of the movie. So then, he definitely needed some intensive medical treatment in order to get the movie done nicely. Nevertheless, he could successfully amaze everyone as he looks so cool in the movie just like what he always does in every movie he had ever starred in.

Things You Better Know about The Expendables

Set Up a Railroad Track in Bulgaria

There is actually a scene in the movie has to be taken in Bulgaria in order to make it suit the story in the best way possible. So then, the crew had to bring a railroad track to the country, and then set it up with a bridge near the Osam River. Now, you can see the bridge used for the making process of the movie. In addition to this, an explosion of a rubber boat actually happened while filming the action scene of the movie in the country. This awful accident killed a stuntman and caused another left in critical condition.

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