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What You Need to Know about Upcoming Expendables 4

What You Need to Know about Upcoming Expendables 4

Even though Expendables 3 is not as successful as the two previous films, it is confirmed that there will be Expendables 4 which will be the final movie of this series. Here are some of the information that you need to know about this upcoming film.

Sylvester Stallone Confirmed to be in Expendables 4
Even though in April 2017 Stallone or also known as Sly stated that he would not return back to Expendables 4, fans are relieved that in early 2018, he confirmed that he would be back in Expendables 4 as the lead role.

Rumours of the Villain in Expendables 4
at first, Sly stated that he wanted to have Jack Nicholson as the villain for Expendables 4. However, there is also news that Hulk Hogan, a retired professional wrestler will be as the main villain for this final movie.

Actors who will Join Expendables 4
When Sly said that he was out from the franchise, Arnold Schwarzenegger also stated that he will not return to Expendables 4 without Sly, there is no Expendables without him. However, it is not clear when Sly confirmed that he is back in the franchise and Schwarzenegger will also follow this decision. Jason Statham who is also a big fan of Stallone much likely to be part of Expendables 4 as Christmas Lee. Other actors who confirmed to be part of the film is Randy Couture, Dawyne “The Rock” Johnson and Dolph Lundgren.

Expendables 4 will be an R-Rated Film
Due to lots of critics of Expendables 3 who was PG-13 rating which impact on the action scenes, Stallone said in one of his interviews that Expendables 4 will be an R-Rated Film. The main reason why they made Expendables 3 with a PG-13 rating because they wanted to have a wider range of audience. However, Expendables 3 made fewer profits than the other two previous films.

The Film Shooting Started in April 2019
After a long delay, even though there is no official announcement, it is believed that the film shooting already started in April 2019 and it is expected to be released next year. The long delay happened due to scheduling conflict of several actors such as Stallone who was busy with Rambo V and Jason Statham who is the filming of the spinoff Film of the Fast & Furious called, Hobbs & Shaw.

Rumours said that the filming will take place in Bulgaria again as well in China. Well, maybe we just need to keep our eyes on Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram since he liked to share information about his upcoming projects.