Why Expendables 3 is not as Successful as other Two Films?

Why Expendables 3 is not as Successful as other Two Films?

Expendables 3 was released in 2014 with Sylvester Stallone as the main actor. Even though the two previous films, Expendables in 2010 and Expendables 2 in 2012 were a success, but this third film received mix reviews and made less money than the other two previous films.

It is a PG-13 Rating
Unlike the previous two films which were R-Rated, Expendables 3 is a PG-13 Rating with the hope that it could bring a wider audience. Stallone stated in an interview that it was a horrible miscalculation and with this rating, it moderates the expectation of the audience for the violent scenes. There are many scenes that are badly edited in order to achieve a PG13 rating.

The Film is Leaked Prior to Film’s Premiere
Three weeks prior to Film’s premiere, Expendables 3 with a DVD quality was leaked and downloaded more than 2 million times. Lionsgate as the official distributor of this film filed a lawsuit against individuals for violating copyright infringement. It turned out that the digital copy was stolen, and it was uploaded illegally on the internet so people could download this film. There are three sites which were fined USD150,000 by California court because of sharing this film. This leakage is one of the reasons why this third film didnÆt make as much money as the previous film series.

Why Expendables 3 is not as Successful as other Two Films

In North America, Expendables 3 made USD$ 39,322,544 compared to Expendables 2 which made USD$ 85,028,192 and Expendables (2010) made USD$ 103,068,524. In worldwide, Expendables 3 made USD$ 214,657,577 compared to Expendables 2 which made USD$ 314,975,955 and Expendables (2010) which made USD$ 274,470,394.

Another reason why this film is not as good as the previous films is the young Expendables failed to charm the audiences. Critics mentioned that the introduction of a group of young Expendables is made in order to attract younger audiences, but it became lame and taking too much screen time.