Facts about the Expendables That You Should Know

Facts about the Expendables That You Should Know

The Expendables series is a series of great action movies that make many people waiting for its new film series. This action movie is always interesting to watch because you can see many popular action movie stars here. Not only the veteran but you can see the new ones as well. There are many interesting Facts about The Expendables that you should know. Here are they are:

Dolph Lundgren is a Genius in Real Life
There is a character named Gunnar Jensen which is played by Dolph Lundgren. In the film, he depicted to be chemical engineering. In fact, that is inspired by his true life story. Lundgren is expert chemical engineering. He receives his master degree from the University of Sydney in 1982. Before that, he got his a degree in chemistry in 1976 from Washington State University and continues his education to get his a degree in chemical engineering from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Sylvester Stallone Did His Scenes without Stuntman
As you know that Sylvester Stallone is a veteran in an action movie who played various action movies since then. In The Expendables, there are many extreme scenes which demand the casts to do the dangerous scene. Sylvester Stallone is reported doing his own dangerous scenes and got some injuries all over his body, including the broken teeth, a neck fracture, and others bruises. He needs to perform operation due to his neck condition; even he needs to receive a metal pin plate for his neck.

Facts about the Expendables That You Should Know

Steve Austin Got an Accident during the Shoot
Steve Austin also injured as well. He makes his leg hurt because doing the dangerous scenes in this action movie. Austin said to be close to the explosion as he standing near the explosion with the bag. Fortunately, the bag saves him because it covers his leg and the bag get the most damage due to the explosion.

Bring Railroad Track to Bulgaria
One of the scenes in the movie takes place in Bulgaria. The crew needs to set up a railroad track with a bridge near the Osam River as written in the script. Nowadays, you can see the bridge used for the shooting process.

There are many surprising facts behind the filming process. Through the film, we can see that Lundgren is a genius, but it also applies in real life. Lundgren is also a genius in real life with his master degree in chemical engineering. Some of the casts are hurt during the film process, such as Sylvester Stallone and Steve Austin. You can see one of the memorable places in Bulgaria, the railway system and bridge use as one of the scenes in The Expendables