Movie Recommendation: The Expendables

Movie Recommendation: The Expendables

Movie Recommendation: The Expendables – Looking for a movie franchise to look forward to? Then try The Expendables. Since its release in 2010, The Expendables never fail to become a box office hit with their classic mob story plot, humor, and action scenes they have to offer.

• About The Expendables
The 80s to 90s had so many blockbuster action movies to offer. Want to see those movies combined to one? Well, it is not quite it, but The Expendables was made as a tribute to the movies and actors of those eras. Of course, there are additions of new stars as well – making it an ensemble action with some gory details. The story itself was written by Sylvester Stallone and David Callaham. If you already watched the films, Stallone himself also stars in the movies.

Is the franchise good or bad? We can’t say for sure due to mixed reviews from the media. So, we can safely say that The Expendable is the type of film that you got to see for yourself. If you do like rough humor and action scenes, however, you’d probably end up liking it. This movie is like online roulette in, you either like it totally or not.

• Existing Films
At the moment, there are three existing films from the franchise, which are The Expendables 1 (2010), The Expendables 2 (2012), and The Expendables 3 (2014). These films hold a continuous story of a group of elite mercenaries on missions. The conflict that tied the first and second movie up together was missions given by Mr. Church, a leader of certain “people”. On the third one, however, the plot moves to internal conflicts within The Expendables.

Movie Recommendation The Expendables

• Will There Be More?
There are reportedly two more films that the franchise will produce, which are The Expendables 4 / The Expendables: A Christmas Story (2021) and The ExpandaBelles. The former film doesn’t have any formal clarification of the story nor the full cast. However, it is confirmed that the title will be The Expendables: A Christmas Story and the production had began since the beginning of this year. Meanwhile, The ExpandaBelles is a spin-off of the series with women as the cast – they had began production since 2015, but whether it still continues is unknown.

Though it had been quiet for six years, The Expendables will be back again in 2021. The progress is unknown and nothing official had been released besides the title (The Expendables: A Christmas Story) and the plan to release it in 2021. However, it’s certainly worth the wait especially when the franchise had been so memorable. Let’s look forward to it!