Oldies but Goodies: 3 Most-Awaited Legend Actors We Want to See in The Expendables 4

Oldies but Goodies: 3 Most-Awaited Legend Actors– We Want to See in The Expendables 4 Regardless the leaking action on The Expandables 3, fans are waiting to the official release of the last series of The Expandables, The Expandables 4. The “three musketeers” actors Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jason Statham are performed in foruth episode. As the previous sequels, the last series will bring new movie legends actors. Here are three action movie legends we want to see in The Expendables 4.
– Steven Seagal
It is believed that everybody knows the legend actor in testosterone-fuelled thriller movie, Steven Seagal. However, he stated on an interview that he had never want to cast in the expendables movie due to the problem with a member. Even though the chance is slightly low, there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking. It may be a good chance that he become a villain. Of course, his performance will be an authentic and everybody will wait for it.

– Jackie Chan
The movie legend actor with the highest order. Besides an actor, he directs and writes many films. Apparently, the studio has offered him a role in the movie, but he turns down the offer.

On an interview he explained that he was worried with the duration on the movie. In other words, he was only coming out for five minutes and the spectator just said oh. Fans hoped that he changed his mind and become a family member of The Expandables 4.

Dwayne Johnson

– Dwayne Johnson
Compared to two candidates above, Dwayne Johnson seems to be the prime candidate in the family of The Expandables 4. He is perfect enough for high concept movie action actors. Fans do not have patience to see him fighting alongside Steve Austin, Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone.

For the exact date of the official film release please check on it does not mean that fans do not wait badly this film. Being patience for the new man in this film can cure the curious of the film.

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