Sylvester Stallone and the Expendables Series

Sylvester Stallone and the Expendables Series

Maybe in the old days, people always refer Sylvester Stallone with Rocky series. Even this fact is still deniable, but people now also refer him with the Expendables series. It is undoubtedly that Expendables series became the comeback moment for Sylvester Stallone in the big action movies.

  • His Role in the Expendables
    Sylvester Stallone played as the leader of mercenaries group called the Expendables, Barney Ross. In the first Expendables, CIA Agent Church who is played by Bruce Willis hired him in order to do investigation in Vilena. In the three Expendables films, we could see Barney’s personal side that is very close to his team member. He mourned when Billy the Kid’s died in the first film and when Hale Caesar played by Terry Crews was severely injured in the Expendables 3, he even gave his lucky ring to him when he was recovering. Barney’s famous weapon is a revolver pistol and he is also an experienced pilot.
  • ot Only as the Lead Role, but Sylvester Stallone also Wrote the Expendables
    The Expendables series is originally created by David Callaham and Sylvester Stallone wrote all the three scripts. David Callaham got involved only on the first Expendables in 2010. Stallone wrote the script with Richard Wenk for the Expendables 2; Katrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger worked with him for the Expendables 3.
  • He Liked Terry Crews So Much and Decided to Rewrite the Movie Script
    At first, Hale Caesar played by Terry Crews didn’t get many lines and fight scenes. However, Stallone really liked him and wanted him to have more screen time. Therefore, he rewrote the movie so that Crews could appear more in the film scenes. Even though many people love Crews’ appearance in the three Expendables Films, he decided to not take any part of the upcoming Expendables 4 since the producer Avi Lerner threatened him to not continue his sexual assault lawsuit to Adam Venit, a senior Hollywood agent.
Sylvester Stallone and the Expendables Series
  • He Exited the Expendables 4 but Decided to Join Back
    Even though since the announcement in 2016 that there will be the Expendables 4 which will be the final film of this series, in March 2017, Stallone stated that he exited the franchise due to some disagreements with producer and a new director. One month later, Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that he would not come back to the Expendables series without Stallone. This news really shocked the fans from and people were wondering if there will be any Expendables 4.

Fortunately, in January 2018, Stallone said that he is coming back to the franchise and the film is expected to start the filming in 2019. Even until now they haven’t informed the release date, but the fans are looking forward to watching the final film of this series.