Terry Crews is not Returning Back in Expendables 4, Here’s What Happened

Terry Crews is not Returning Back in Expendables 4, Here's What Happened
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Terry Crews is not Returning Back in Expendables 4, Here’s What Happened – Terry Crews played as Hale Caesar in the three films of Expendables. The sequel also will be the final film of this franchise is expected to be released in 2019. However, Crews will not return to be in this film, here’s what happened.

Expendables Producer Avi Lerner Threatened Him to Drop His Lawsuit
In October 2017, Crews responded to #MeToo Movement and Harvey Weinstein’s case in his series of tweets and came forward that he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive in 2016. One month after his tweets, Crews filed an official report to LAPD. The truth is spoken, it was Adam Venit who allegedly assaulted him in a party in 2016.

While other Hollywood celebrities praised of his bravery to come forward of this case, Expendables Producer Avi Lerner called Crews’ manager to withdraw his lawsuit against Venit if he still wants to appear in upcoming Expendables 4. Crews decided to not return back in this final franchise series. Adam Venit returned to work after one-month unpaid suspension from his agency. Venit is a veteran agent who represents Hollywood famous actors such as Sylvester Stallone, Emma Stone, Steve Martin and more.

Avi Lerner was also being sued in 2017 by a Former Employee
When Crews stated that he is not returning to Expendables 4, he stated that abusers protect abusers. His statement referred to a lawsuit against Avi Lerner and Nu Image and Millennium Films by a former employee, Jane Roe who worked in Nu Image from 2011 until she got fired 2016. The lawsuit was about harassing with demeaning comments, misogynistic environment at a workplace and a discriminatory. Avi Lerner denied all the accusation and said it’s all lies and a joke.

Even though fans will not be able to see Crews in the upcoming Expendables 4, Crews’ new thriller film called John Henry will be released soon in 2019.

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